What ID am I required to provide?

In most cases, nothing. The information you provided upon registration will be automatically checked against a national register, if we are unable to verify your name, age or address during registration then we will ask you to send copies of information.

To ensure any withdrawals are made to the correct person and deposits are not made by unauthorized people, we may require proof of ID from you in order to fully verify your identity. This is in-line with the Terms & Conditions which you agreed to be bound by. To provide us with your proof of identity please send us a copy of ONE document from BOTH of the following categories:

  1. Photo ID - a passport, identity card or your photo driving license (these must be clearly legible and valid for at least 4 weeks from the date we receive them and include your photograph and your signature). 
  2. Proof of Address - a statement from a bank, building society or credit card company. The most recent statement from your mortgage lender, or rates, council tax or utility bill (electricity, gas or fixed-line telephone) which is no more than 3 months old. Note: mobile telephone bills or statements are not an acceptable proof of address. 

Copies of your Photo ID and Proof of Address must be uploaded on the 'Upload Documents' on site in Jpeg, PNG or PDF digital file formats. This can be found in your 'my account' section.

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